Kula, Maui_pictureMy favorite place on Maui is Kula. The cold, crisp, fresh air of Kula is relaxing and enjoyable. Since Kula is high up on the mountain, I have a wonderful view of the island and even some of the other neighbor islands. This place is clam and quiet, unlike the city.

~Alesha M.

29 thoughts on “Kula

  1. What wonderful photographs you have on your blog! Looking at these makes me really want to come and visit Hawaii one day. Keep up the great work – photos are one of the things that make a blog so interesting!

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  3. Hi! I’m Kaito from Yakima, Washington. I have neever been to Hawaii, but I would like to go there. It seems cool in Hawaii. Please come to my blog at

  4. Since I live in New York it appears that things are always very loud and the air can be polluted, but usually it is nice out. Recently my grade went on an overnight trip to a place called black rock forest. We went hiking a lot, also we had a night hike, it was 4 miles, in total, some people walked 10 or 11 miles in a day. At the top of the main peak you could only feel and hear wind. Fresh air and voices, it was like a getaway from New York, even though we were technically still in New York.

  5. Dear Alesha
    Sounds very relaxing! I wish I could go there. I live in new york city, and sometimes the noise from all of the cars can get a little too loud. But still, I love living here. What is it like living in Hawaii?
    Keep blogging!

  6. Thank you all for commenting on our blog. Hawaii i a really great place. I love living here.
    Please keep commenting. We love to hear all your opinions. 🙂

  7. Dear Clara,
    To me, living in Hawaii is really exciting. Our islands are in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, so we are apart from the mainland. Most people live close to the beach, and sometimes go there every week. Also, the weather is tropical, but right now the season is winter. The island’s winter are not snowy. We do not have snow except on the top of the volcanoes sometimes. However, Maui does get a large amount of rain and wind, and warning about floods.

  8. Dear Oliver,
    Where you live sounds like you have l lot of fun. I always wanted to go to New York and see what the city is like. If I visit one day, I would love to go, and hike up to the top of the peak one day. I have only seen snow one time in my life so far. Is it snowing in New York?

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