Maui’s Famous Iao Valley ~Sara~

Park is one of the most visitedIao Valley is a well known landmark in Maui, Hawaii and many local people visit this site for it’s beautiful rivers, ponds, and vast wildlife. We went there last year with the Prebiloffs from Alaska to hike up the mountain and explore the vast species of plants and trees. And at the very top of the mountain there was this breath taking Taro patch (I’u). I enjoy visiting this site, the air is clean, the river is clean and I love the Hawaiian plants and animals too.

17 thoughts on “Maui’s Famous Iao Valley ~Sara~

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  2. Hey this Damian i agree that Hawaii is a beatiful and calm place my unkle has been to Hawaii and when ha came home he said it was so quiet and very relaxing he said

  3. To all:
    Hi this is Ashley. This picture is from Iao Valley in Maui. I’m not sure how long the river is but its pretty big. I really love living in Hawaii. We got this picture off of the internet but we have all seen this site in person. If you ever get the chance to visit Maui you should come and see this amazing site.

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