History about the challenge

The blogging challenge began in January 2008.  By March, most students within Ms. W’s classroom had their own blogs in addition to her classroom blog.

In September that same year, Sue Waters (editor of “The Edublogger”) and Miss W. ran a very successful international student blogging competition.  They had classes from 9 countries taking part involving about 500 students.

It was so successful, that they ran another beginning March 2009.  This was a challenge though, not a competition. This time 15 countries were involved and a total of over 1000 students ranging from grade 2 classes through to students in senior school.

The majority of individual students with their own blog were aged 12-14 while many primary or elementary classes participated using a class blog.

All the information for the blog was found on Miss W.’s class blog pages. There was one page giving links to all the challenges, another page giving links to all the participants and the final page gave a link via a google reader, to all the posts written by the participants.

Challenges were set out once a week on Miss W.’s class blog with the category ‘challenge09′ to make it easy for searching.

Because many students had already taken part in the blogging challenge, it was decided in September 2009 to extend to two challenges – one for better bloggers and another for better commenters.  Over 600 individual students and 80 classes totalling a possible 3000 students registered this time. Again we had participation from 15 countries of the world, some bloggers were only just starting, others had their blogs for over a year.

So, with 2010 a new challenge begins…

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  1. Aloha Kalama Science!
    We are kids from ABC SPD.
    Thank-you for placing our blog on your blog roll. We love the way your blog is set out.
    How is the weather in Hawii?
    Down here in Australia, Victoria it’s quite cold, but it looks like it’s gonna get a bit hotter for a few days. Are you enjoying the blog challenges? Today is our last day as ABC SPD being our blogs name. Another class in our school is taking over.
    Come visit soon.
    From Alli and Sophie

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